Homework #4

Assigned: October 4
Due: October 5, 11:59pm

  1. (10 points) [LP] Programming Exercise 5.5.9 (~/homeworks/hw4/flip/Makefile)
  2. (5+5+5+5+5=25 points) [LP] Programming Exercise 5.5.10
    5.5.10a (submit on paper in class)
    5.5.10b (~/homeworks/hw4/keeplog/step1/Makefile)
    5.5.10c (~/homeworks/hw4/keeplog/step2/Makefile)
    5.5.10d (~/homeworks/hw4/keeplog/step3/Makefile)
    5.5.10e (~/homeworks/hw4/keeplog/step4/Makefile)

How to submit

Note: All directory and filenames below are case-sensitive. You must use the directory and filenames exactly as shown below (i.e., all lower case).

Prepare your source code files as indicated above. Your source files will be electronically collected from this location in your Linux account on the deadline.

Failure to follow these submission requirements will result in a 10% penalty.


Ninety percent of your score will come from correctness and 10% of your score will come from following our programming style guide. Applicable submission penalties will then be applied.

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