Homework #5

Assigned: October 20
Due: October 27, 12:30pm


(70 points) [LP] Programming Project 9.6 (Webpage Scraping), pp. 173-175.

Extra credit: correct solutions which do not rely on the presence of the pvsurls.txt file will receive an extra 10 points.

How to submit

Note: All directory and filenames below are case-sensitive. You must use the directory and filenames exactly as shown below (i.e., all lower case).

Prepare your source code file as /home/<logname>/homeworks/hw5/pvsfilter, where <logname> is your login name (e.g., FA_15_CPS444_03). Your source file pvsfilter will be electronically collected from this location in your Linux account on the deadline.

Failure to follow these submission requirements will result in a 10% penalty.


Ninety percent of your score will come from correctness and 10% of your score will come from following our programming style guide. Applicable submission penalties will then be applied.

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