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Out-of-turn interaction is a technique for interacting with hierarchical hypermedia which empowers the user to supply information expected by a website before the site requests it. We support and study the functional specification and realization of web dialogs, especially those involving mixed-initiative interaction, through program transformations, such as partial evaluation, currying, and program slicing, and other concepts from programming languages, such as closures and continuations. Below you will find links to software demos, publications, and the webpages of team members.

Software Demos: Interfaces for Interactive Data Exploration Software Demos: Interfaces for Interactive Data Exploration

Interfaces for Interactive Data Exploration

The following demos permit users to interactively explore the faceted data from the congressional portion of the Project Vote Smart website, which provides information about elected officials in the United States.

Explore the members of the US Congress with




Table Based

Interact with an avatar through out-of turn interaction here.
Key Papers Key Papers

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