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Pascal Resources

Version used in class

Using Free Pascal in the CPS Lab (Anderson 131)

You may invoke the Free Pascal compiler by typing fpc program.pp at any command shell. Free Pascal is also available on the start menu at Start -> Programs -> FreePascal, which just brings you to a command shell at c:\temp. Information on testing the compiler is here.

Installing Free Pascal @ Home

  1. Grab the distribution from the Free Pascal Download Page.
  2. Choose an appropriate operating system and follow the instructions for installation under Windows or LINUX. The remaining instructions are for a Windows installation.
  3. Select the most recent stable version which does not include the sources, gdb, and the gnu utilities.
  4. Save it to a temporary folder of your choice.
  5. Unzip in the temporary folder.
  6. Launch Install.exe.
  7. The compiler installs in the directory you specify ( C:\pp by default). If you specify a different location, please make sure that the directory name you use does not include any spaces. DO NOT install in C:\Program Files\pp!
  8. After installation, add C:\pp\bin\win32 to the PATH environment variable (replace C:\pp with whatever install location you used). For Windows 2000 and Windows XP users, go to Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System. Click on the Advanced tab, then press the "Environment Variables ..." button. Make the change under "System variables" if you want all user accounts on your machine to have Free Pascal in their search path, or under "User variables for ..." to affect your account only.
  9. Open a command shell, and change directory to C:\pp\demo\win32 (replace C:\pp with whatever install location you used).
  10. Compile winhello.pp, using the command fpc winhello.pp.
  11. Execute winhello.exe to verify that your installation is correct.


Useful Links


Pick up any textbook or programming reference on Pascal at the Roesch Library or your local library. My favorite is Oh Pascal! by Doug Cooper and Michael J. Clancy (any edition).
  1. D. Cooper and M. J. Clancy. Oh Pascal!. W. W. Norton & Company, Second edition, 1985. (the third ed., 1993 is also available).
  2. N. Graham. Introduction to Pascal. West Publishing Company, 1980. (newer editions are available as well).

Sample Programs

Body Mass Index Program in Pascal: bmi.pp
Body Mass Index Program in C++: bmi.cpp

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